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Thursday August 26,1999 4:30 p.m.

No one said anything for a full five minutes in the car. Then my husband said,"What happened son?"

Our child then told us what had been going on at school. She had been touching him, he explained not the other way around. He said that she would rub and pinch his buttocks, and sometimes she even kicked him there. He also said that he had witnesses who had seen her do it.

This had happened our son said, because he had finally had enough of her physical attention, and that the day before, while she sat behind him hitting, pinching, and poking at him, he had finally turned around and flicked her. He may or may not have flicked her breast he said. He only knew that he had 'flicked her'.

The young lady then told my son that she was "telling" her boyfriend what he had done."

Her boyfriend is our son's good friend and he told HER that he was going to tell him what She had done.

She asked our child to please not do that, as her boyfriend would get mad at her. Regardless, our son told his friend what had transpired at the end of the day, and the young lady was promptly dumped by her boyfriend.

Our son felt bad thinking he had caused this breakup but was told by his friend that it wasn't his fault, as his girlfriend had been sexually physical with other boys, particularly on the school bus.

The very next morning, the young lady complained of an on going problem, accusing our son of touching her inappropriately, to Mr.Hendrix,the Eighth grade administrator of Upson Lee Middle School. It had been going on she claimed, for three days.

Mr Hendrix then hauled my son to his office to question him. My son explained it all to the administrator, giving him the names of the other students who had seen this girl touch HIM.

We asked our son if Mr.Hendrix had called these kids in to his office to get to the bottom of it all. Our son said no, he had merely called the police.

Upon Sargent Blasingame's arrival at Upson County Middle School, She spoke briefly with Mr.Hendrix then She stood my son up, grabbed him by the belt loop and proceeded to walk him towards the door. Bare in mind that the good sargent never said a single word to my son as to why he was being taken from school. Indeed she hadn't spoken to him period.

At this point my son informed both Sargent Blasingame of the Thomaston Police Department, and Mr.Hendrix, eighth grade administrator for Upson County Middle School, that he wanted to call his parents before being taken from school. He was denied and taken from the building by sargent Blasingame.

Upon arriving home, we had our son sit down and tell us his side of it again, and instructed him to write down the names of the students and which classes they were in.

After we gathered this information, my husband called the school to ask Mr.Hendrix if we could pick up our son's assignments as we were keepng him out of school until this matter was resolved. Mr.Hendrix told my husband that if we called him in the morning, he would have it all together for us to pick up.

At that time my husband also informed Mr.Hendrix of an incident regarding our son and the young lady who had accused him, in which a teacher sepertated the young lady from our child due to the physical contact SHE made with HIM.

Mr. Hendrix assured my husband that he would speak to the teacher immediately following that evening's open house and turn the information over to Sargent Blasingame the next morning.

My son then phoned one of his classmates (The call was recorded.) to tell him of his arrest that afternoon. The other student was shocked, said he couldn't believe it.

My son then asked him,"Did you ever see me touch her?" No his friend replied. She touched you! My son then asked his friend well what did you see? Where did she touch me? "On your butt "his friend said. Our son asked how? what did she do? His friend responded,"She rubbed it."

Breathing a sigh of relief we made our son get off the phone so that we could call Sargent Blasingame and tell her the names of the students and the teacher she could speak with to clear this whole mess up!

My husband called her ( for obvious reasons,I might "upset Her" ) and gave her the information. She assured us that when she spoke to these people, if they said to her what they had said to us, this whole mess would be dropped as she would then assume it was a "mutual thing" between our son and his accuser. My husband then informed the sargent that it was NOT mutual, as our son HAD NOT done what she had accused him of.

Thank God! I had a 6 hour round trip drive the next day to take my daughter to her new neurologist, and now I wouldn't have to cancel or make the long trip worried sick! This was all going to be cleared up!

I couldn't have been more wrong...

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