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This Story Will Be Covered By WMAZ Channel 13 News

Today is Thursday, October 7,1999. After being contacted by a friend of ours in Macon, Raymond Tubbs ( editor) and Adam Murphy ( reporter ) decided that they would indeed be interested in doing a segment on this story.

Originally, this segment was to be quite brief. However after interviewing my son and me, and some of our oposition, it was decided by the producer to do a much more in depth story.

I had mentioned to Mr. Murphy during our interview, about the various times it had been stated that our son was on probation. ( I refer to Sargent Mary Blasingame, of the Thomaston PD, Julianne Legg, officer of the court, AS WELL AS our son's probation officer, And of course Judge Ronnie Cook )

Mr. Murphy stated to me that " THEY ( I'm not sure who exactly he had talked to ) admitted to him that they KNEW our son was NOT on probation!

So if they KNEW, why did they continuosly SLANDER our son??! And if they DIDN'T know, as they had claimed oh so many times, WHY DIDN'T ANY OF THESE PEOPLE BOTHER TO PICK UP THE PHONE AND FIND OUT??!!

I guess that would have put a damper on some of their shananigins!

I spoke by phone with Mr. Murphy this afternoon, and he tells me that hopefully our son's segment will air sometime next week.

Channel 13 covers a fairly large viewing area and considering we have received quite a bit of mail from Georgia, I plan to post the date that the segment airs as soon as I'm told when that will be.

Quite frankly we are really looking forward to this, as everyone seems to have been able to tell their side in this travisty with the exception of our son.

Due to limited resources, the web & media are our only outlets. It is my sincerest desire to SEE AN END to abuse of power and judicial misconduct, regardless of WHERE it occurs but particularly in cases involving juveniles.

It has been my PERSONAL experience, that when the authorities abuse their positions, they tend to do so more blatantly when they are dealing with people who CAN'T fight back, children for instance.....

I also believe that even though this may take some time, the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. I truly look forward to the day when I can FINALLY say, JUSTICE HAS BEEN SEVERD FAIRLY!