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A Letter From Upson Lee Middle School

The following is an EXACT copy of the letter we received from Upson Lee Middle School. These people are either, A) Really this STUPID or B) they REALLY DON'T know what they're doing, or C) They might just be making yet ANOTHER feeble attempt to mess with my family.

Regardless, it WILL NOT be tolerated!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Timmis,

This letter is to inform you that as of October 13,1999 your child has ten unexcused absences this school year. Additional unexcused absences could result in a referral of you and your child to the Attendance Task Force.

The Upson County Board Of Education Policy JBD states that middle school students missing more than twenty (20) days in a scool year will not be promoted to the next grade. Furthermore, students with more than six unexcused absences are not eligible for an appeals process.

This policy was sent home in the student Middle School Handbook and is strictly enforced.

An additional purpose of this letter is to explain the Georgia law regarding school attendance. Any person who has control or charge of a child between the ages of seve and sixteen must enroll the child in public school, private school, or any home study program which meets the requirements set forth in the official Code Of Georgia.

There is a criminal section to the mandatory attendance law which states that such violation is a misdemeanor puishable by a fine of up to $100.00 per day and imprisonment not to exceed thirty days or both, but each absence is a seperate violation.

Failure to attend school is a violation of the Juvenile Court Code which may result in a juvenile case against the parents or guardian as a deprived child or against the minor child as an unruly child.

Another law in the Georgia Code regaring acts which contribute to unruly behaviour such as failure to attend school make such acts a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $200.00 and not more than $500.00 and imprisonment for not less than one month nore more than five years.

I as your cooperation in helping your child receive a quality education. Send notes explaining your chlds absences within three (3) days of the absence and send a doctors note whenever an illness or injury requires a doctors visit.

If you have any questions or need help in any way, please contact Milton Myers Attendance Administrator, at 647-6256.


Patsy Dean


Well Ms. Dean, considering I came down to YOUR school on Friday September 10, 1999 and REMOVED my son from your institution, I am at a complete loss as to why I am receiving ANY contact from you what so ever!

I have been home schooling my son since that day and signed all necessary paper work with your school as well as the Upson County School Board.

Furthermore, I will personally take ANY other contact from you, or any one associated with Upson Lee Middle School as unwanted HARASSMENT and I will file criminal charges against you.

My suggestion to you people would be for you all to sneeze! Maybe then your heads will pop out of your collective butts!!

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