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Our son's witness That was never heard

The Phone Call

...While listening to and recording this call, this is what the chidren had to say...

When my son asked his classmate if he had talked with Mr. Hendrix and Sargent Blasingame, he responded that yes he had. What happened? my son inquired.

Well they had taken him into the office where he had informed the sargent along with Mr. Hendrix, that our son had indeed been telling the truth. At which time the good sargent took it upon herself to inform this child repeatedly, that if he were not telling the truth she would press charges against him.

The child informed the sargent that he was telling the truth at which time Mr.Hendrix asked the child if it wasn't possible that he just THOUGHT it was the accuser he had seen do these things. Maybe Mr. Hendrix told the student, he was "mistaken." Maybe Mr.Hendrix told the student you saw somebody who LOOKED like the accuser as he Mr.Hendrix, had been looking for this young lady just the other day and saw someone who looked just like her. Maybe, said Mr.Hendrix, you are mistaken.

At this time Sargent Blasingame again threatened the young man with charges.

The young man was so upset at this point that he finally conceeded that maybe he was mistaken. The child was so scared he told my son, and the young lady on the 3 way call agreed, he was she said, shaking like a leaf, and she thought the poor kid was going to fall down!

I wondered at this point if the good sargent had threatened my son's accuser and her sole witness in the same manner that she had threatened and coersed, with the help of Mr. Hendrix, this particular child. And now I was livid!

I then got on the phone with these two children and informed them that what the sargent did was WRONG. Her job I explained, was to take the information and file a report. Not to threaten them. Or even to decide if someone were telling the truth. And that it certainly was not up to her to decide if a person who had been charged with a crime, was guilty or innocent!

I then informed them that as long as they told the truth, it didn't matter what Sargent Blasingame had threatened because the judge would be the only one to decide who was telling the truth.

I then asked the children if they would be willing to talk to our attorney and tell him the truth. All of it including what the sargent and Mr.Hendrix had said and done. They both agreed.

At this point these two children also informed me that the girl who had accused our son, had stated in front of them, and to both Mr.Hendrix and Sargent Blasingame, that our son HAD NOT touched her breast.

Dumbfounded I asked the young man if I could speak to his mother. He said she was in the shower but he would tell her what had happened and that our attorney would want to speak to him.

Well folks, to sum it up this is what we have:
1. The court date is next Wed. September 8,1999.
2. Sargent Blasingame for reasons known only to herself, has decided that our son should hang for what she perceives as his indisputable guilt.
3. Our son has missed a weeks worth of school due this witch hunt.( Incidentally the school called us yesterday to inquire as to why our son had not been attending school. No we are not making this up! )
4. Our son has received 0's straight across the board so as not to be hauled off to juvenile court!
5.We have been warned repeatedly by Sargent Blasingame that "upsetting" her has dire consequences.
6. According to the captain of the Thomaston P.D. the school is required by law ( as our son has not been suspended nor convicted of any crime ) to allow him to attend classes and must make the nesseccary arrangements to see that my son and his accuser do not come in contact with one and other.
7. Mr. Hendrix has done none of the above.
8. We have been sufficiently intimidated by the higher ups in the city of Thomaston GA., to not make a fuss. And we have decided that any and all fuss would have to wait until after the trial.
9. Most importantly, this blatent abuse of power could be happenng to someone you know!!!
I would really like to know what Sargent Blasingame and Mr. Hendrix would do if it were their child and their families who were living this nightmare.
What action would you take Sir and Madam?
We will personally take plenty after 9:00 a.m. Wedensday morning.We'll See you in court.

If you would like to contact the Thomaston PD or the Upson Count School Booard to express your outrage, click HERE .


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