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Please use the links below to contact your senators and house representatives.

Judicial MISCONDUCT and BLATANT abuse of power by members of law enforcement run rampant in this country. I honestly believe that if enough of us voice our OUTRAGE, put up enough web sites, and maybe even get the media involved enough times, then the officials in our great nation who make and change laws almost daily, will have no choice but to hold accountable those in power, ( who probably believe that they truly ARE above the law ) who abuse their authority.

Just because you hold the title of: Judge, Officer, Officer Of The Court, etc. ( what ever your rank ) DOES NOT entitle you to throw your weight around just because you can.

BECAUSE you hold the title: Judge, Officer (what ever your rank ) Officer Of The Court, etc., you are SWORN to SERVE and PROTECT! and quite frankly to uphold the law that some of you so blatantly abuse.

To E-Mail The Georgia Senators with your opinions please use their web forms linked below.

Senator Coverdell

Senator Cleland

To E-Mail The Georgia Governor, Roy Barnes, use the link below.

Gov . Roy Barnes

Outside of Georgia, find your Senator through the link below.

U.S. Senators

To contact your State Representative, use the link below.

House Of Representatives