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The following is an EXACT copy of Upson Lee Middle School's discipline policy. We still wonder why Mr. Hendrix doesn't see fit to abide by the policy set forth by his OWN institution. Maybe at the next school board meeting, our board members can answer this question for us.



Proper behaviour is necessary for an effective learning environment. "Every student has a right to learn and every teacher has a right to teach. Each student shares responsibility for maintaining their behaviour and must be held accountable for actions which diminish or disrupt the learning environment." At all times, students will maintain the following conduct standards.

1. Follow Directions

2. Respect Others

3. Stay On Task

4. Obey School and Classroom rules

Listed below are the consequences for unacceptable behaviour at school.

First offense- Warning

Second Offense- Break detention for 3 days or 1 day after school detention.

Third Offense- Telephone call to parent/guardian and student-team conference.

Fourth Offense- After School Detention.

Should a student fail to stay for after school detention the student will be assigned In School Suspension.

Fifth Offense- Parent-Team-Counselor conference.

Should a parent/guardian fail to attend a conference the student will be referred to the office.

Sixth Offense- Office referral.

Though there is no mention here regarding alleged criminal acts, You Mr. Hendrix, acted MOST inappropriately by not even bothering to phone us! In spite of the FACT that our son requested you do so, more than once even! My, My, How very POWERFUL you and Sargent Blasingame must have felt by denying a 13 year old child that SIMPLE RIGHT, and we were ALL entitled to that much courtesy from you narrow minded little people!

I guess it's not so much fun to bully and frighten a child when his parents are present though is it??