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Friday,August 27,1999 10:15 a.m.

My wife had left with our daughter to go the neurologist ( Our daughter has epilepsy ) she and her best friend had taken our daughter and two of her friend's children ages 2 and 3 on what she called the 6 hour round trip journey from hell.

I had stayed home with our son and our friend's other 2 children, ages 5 and 8. I looked forward to a great day, just the guys I'd told the kids. And I was confident that sargent Blasingame would call with the goood news that this mess of yesterday was over.

Well I guess that's what we get for presuming. At 10:15 Sargent Blasingame pulled into our yard with two other police cars. Upon seeing me, she informed me that they were there to take my son into custody!

For what? I demnded. She replied that there was a third incident that our son had been accused of, so now there were 3 counts of sexual battery, and being that he was on probation in Florida, he was she said, going to be taken to the juvenile detenton facility.

After a very heated exchange I informed the sargengt that #1 I would take my son down to the police station as she was not removing him from my custody. And #2 He was NOT on probation!

Upon arrival at the station, ( I was escorted with a police car in front of and behind me.) I demanded to know what the hell was going on. Hadn't she spoke to the list of people I had given her?

Well no she had not. She explained that she couldn't find the list with the names I had provided her the day before. But I could ask anyone she told me,"I looked for it for 15 minutes". I asked her why she hadn't spoke to the teacher. She informed me that Mr. Hendrix told her, the teacher was out of town with a sick child.

I was absoutely not believing this and It took everything in me to remain as calm as I could so that this woman, who had taken it upon herself to try, convict, and then sentence my son, would not become 'upset' and do the unthinkable. Which was take my child from me.

The sargent and the captain explained to me that as my son was on probation in Florida, they had every right to detain him until the hearing.

He is NOT on probation in Florida or anywhere else sargent, I informed her for the umpteenth time. Didn't you call the Marion county sherriff's office to at least clear that side of it up? Well no she said because she had not she had not had the time to do this.

I informed her right then and there that she was attempting to railroad my son and that if we were in Florida she'd be laughed out of the state. This woman had single handedly violated everyone of my child's civil rights and I was angry and appalled.

I then informed the good sargent that no one, herself included, was going to take my child from me without a court order.

The captain upon leaving the sargent's office said,"Now you stay calm in here sir". "I AM the calm one." I bitterly informed him.

The sargent then told the captain that indeed, I was calm, it was My wife who had been " upset ". I informed them both,"My wife has every right to be upset!"

So now sargent Blasingame gets on the phone with her buddy at the court house to get an emergency hearing to take my son away. It will be at 3:30 she informed me smuggly.

Please bare in mind that I am at the police station with my son, and 2 of our friend's children. It is also important to note that when the sargent and her minions arrived at my home, she did so without a warrent of any kind and by her OWN addmission, with out even speaking to OUR SON'S witnesses! ( She 'lost' the list, remember? ) And the charge, O.C.G.A.:16-6-22-1-G ( I had to tell them the statute number ) was a misdamenor!

That being said, I then gathered all 3 of the boys and drove directly to the only attorney I knew of in this town.

Alan wasn't in when I arrived so I settled in to wait, determined not to leave until I had spoken with him, and he is a very busy man.

His wife, who also works there was absolutely wonderful, getting drinks, snacks, etc. for the boys as she knew they had not had lunch. She also listened intently while I explained the ungodly horror that Sargent Blassingame had inflicted on my family.

Alan never did make it back to the office but I had spoke to him on the phone several times. He would try to make it to the hearing but he wasn't sure he would be able to as they were swamped.

They had over 50 supenoas to file his wife explained to me. And she and everyone in that office were busting their tails to get it done so that Alan could come to court.

At 2:30 I took the boys home, and dressed them in their Sunday finest for the imminent hearing at 3:30. I must tell you that through it all they were real troopers, and on their best behavior.

I had to call my friend ( their father ) at work to let him know what was happening. He informed me that he was on his way. I told him that I would be at the court house.

I arrived at the court house at 3:10 and phoned Alan from a payphone. His wife said he still wasn't back but she would page him, and have him call me. I gave her the number and hung up.

He called me back a few minutes later explaining that He would most certainly not be able to make it and that I would have to be the one to do this.

I begged him, Please My son needs a lawyer. I had no doubt that as far as coming across dignified and in control in front of the judge, that I could do that. Hell I could even be eloquent. The problem I feared, was that they would never see anything except A father, someone who would do or say anything to protect his child and I was terrified. How to tell my child that these people could and would very likely take him from me? How to tell my wife after promising her I would handle everything and that it would be alright, that they had taken our son and I was powerless to prevent it?

I almost lost it right then and there, I had never felt more helpless, or appalled in my entire life. My son was being railroaded and I couldn't help him.

At 3:28 I stood up to take the children into the court room with a heavy heart. Please God this could not be happening...

At 3:29 Alan walked in, and it was then folks, that I had my first taste of hope all day. I can't remember the last time I was so happy to see anyone.

He instructed us to wait ouside, he would go in and address the court. He also told me that as hard as he would try, there were no guarentees that our son would not be taken away. He would do his best, wait here.

At this time with a lump in my throat and my guts in knots, I tried to prepare my son for the very real possibility, that he would have to spend the rest of his time before the trial ( On September 8th ) at the detention facility. Not breaking down on the spot was the hardest thing. I told him that no matter what, He should hold his head high, he had done NOTHING wrong, and the truth would eventually come out.

He hugged me and said that he would.

After about five minutes, Alan came out with the DA and informed me that because we had called Sargent Blasingame, "raising hell" that our son was out of school and forced to accept 0's that this was the reason they wanted to remove our child and put him in detention! ( SO HE COULD GET AN EDUCATION! )

I explained to Alan and the DA that no one had called the sargent and said any such thing! Indeed it was our idea to keep him from school I said to the DA. We told Ms. Legg this very thing yesterday!

Well the DA said, as long as you accept that your son is NOT to be in school, and that he WILL receive 0's...

Alan and the DA went back into the court room, after about five minutes Alan came out and told my son he was free to go. I almost colapsed with relief!

My mind realing, Bobby and I gathered our children to go home. It is important that I tell you at this time that while all of this was going on, Bobby had filed a formal complaint against Sargent Blasingame, with the captain of the Thomaston P.D. As of today, September 2, we have heard not a word from the Thomaston P.D. regarding this matter.

Upon returning home, my son received a phone call from the young man who was to tell the sargent along with Mr.Hendrix, what had REALLY transpired between my son and his accuser. Not leaving anything to chance we 3 way called another classmate and asked them if they minded us recording the call. They both agreed......

You are not going to believe this! But after everything that happened, I've got to say I wasn't at all surprised, Angry? YES! Appalled?? DAMN SKIPPY!! But surprised? Nope...I guess the good sargent really was upset. To find out what happened click on the image below.