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If This Don't Beat All...

Well folks I'd like to tell you that it's officially over, and that our son has had his day in court. However, I'm disgusted to inform you that this situation has gone from ridiculous, to totally prepostrous!!!!

Let's start with...

The phone call we had yesterday evening with Alan Adams, our son's attorney.
Alan returned a phone call to my husband. My husband called him to find out why none of OUR witnesses had received a suppenoa. (Our son had spoke by telephone to two of the children and was told they had not been served. )

Alan informed my husband that he had instructed me to go down to the court house and file them. Let me just say that I DID call the courthouse to find out where I was suppossed to go to to this. I was informed by the young lady who answered the phone that I couldn't do it as I wasn't a lawyer, and that our attorney would have to file.

That same afternoon We brought the witness list to Alan's office and my husband took it in explaining what the lady at the court house had told me.

So when Alan did return my husband's call, and was made aware that NO the suppenoas had NOT been filed, my husband asked him what the next step was. Alan informed him that he would have to ask the judge for a continuence as we had to have time to get the witnesses together.

I must say that I wasn't exactly pleased with this turn of events. However my husband kept trying to assure me that I HAD TO BELIEVE in the Justice system, that the truth would prevail. This was AMERICA for God's sake! (We argued heatedly about our perception of the judicial system and what would happen at the hearing today.) My husband is a veteran of Desert Storm, is totally patriotic,and believes in the TRUTH and Justice Our country represents. I on the other hand am totally jaded. I haven't had any faith in the system since this whole nightmare began. Indeed I've been down right skeptical.

Anyway, court was at 9:00 am this morning and I am even more synical now than before!

We arrived at the court house at 8:30, anxious to speak with Alan. We looked everywhwere for him but couldn't find him anywhere.

At five minutes to 9:00 my husband phoned his office and was told that he was "At court". We loosened up a little figuring that Alan was probably inside asking Judge Cook for a continuence. It was scary, it was a major pain in the butt, (let's face it, Everyone's time would be wasted today! ) but it shouldn't be the end of the world.

At 9:05 a bailiff came out and called our son's name.

Entering the court room I searched frantically for Alan, but he wasn't there!!

There was an older man sitting at the table we were instructed to sit at. We thought ( quite incorrectly ) that he was sitting in for Alan, for whatever reason. This gentleman then turned to me and stated that he was recommending probation. He said he'd highly reccomend that we take it. I looked beseechingly at my husband, wondering what in the hell kind of defense lawyer we had.

It was then that we realized that he was not only Not a defense attorney, but he was the DA!

My husband then told the bailiff that our lawyer wasn't even here yet, and was told by this bailiff that," that was our problem ".

My husband then addressed Judge Cook telling him our attorney had not arrived yet. The judge informed us that Alan had told him, that he was not representing our son! So apparently everyone in the court room knew that we didn't have an attorney. Everyone that is, except US!

At this point the bailiff instructed us to stop wasting the courts time. Either accept the plea or they would try our son on the spot.( Due process be damned eh? ) My husband was ready to do this for the sole purpose of being able to take our son home. We whispered feverently back and forth until I finally relented.

At this time the DA took THE VICTIM out in the hall to see if they opposed. This was truely an outrage!

Judge Cook then asked our son how long he was on probation in Florida. My son stated that he wasn't on probation . Then Judge Cook asked my son when he got off probation in Florida. Once again we had to inform yet another official, YET AGAIN THAT OUR SON WAS NOT ON PROBATION IN FLORIDA! The audasity of THESE PEOPLE.

Oh Yes these people really care what the truth is.

Upon arriving home, our roommate contacted another judge here and told told him what was going on. I then explained to his honor the whole ugly thing from the begining. He was appalled. This good judge then put me on hold. When he came back the very first thing he asked me about was THIS WEB SITE!! He informed me that I "had some mighty angry people" on my hands.

I told the judge that all I did was tell the TRUTH, I mean NO One else cared what that was up until this point! Never the less my timing was lousy, said the judge. (This SIte Will none the less Remain on the internet.) So it seems to me that Judge Cook may have had prior knowledge of this case.... Hmmmmmmmm...

I was then informed by the judge that Juliane Legg (Judge Cook's secretary ), the original DA ( I really MUST find out his name ), and Sargent Blassingame had said, that NONE of them had ever told us we had to keep our son out of school and that he must accept 0's! I have to say, I guess I'd be trying to cover my butt too considering what they did IS ILLEGAL. It turns out that NO ONE had the right to say our child wasn't allowed to attend class and had to accept 0's! ( Go Figure! ) Lucky for us there are WITNESSES besides us that heard what was NEVER said. ( Not that I'm under the false impression that it will ever be asked about by ANYONE in Upson County government, or taken down as a statement. )

The judge then told me that the reason that Alan wasn't in court ( according to Julianne Legg ) was because we had not filed the indigent care paper work!

Well lets see.... Alan had already been to the first hearing as our son's lawyer. My husband had discussed this with him yesterday. And at NO TIME did he say to us he wasn't representing our son. Indeed he said he would have to ask judge Cook for a continuence! He never once said that come 9:00 am Wedensday morning that he was going to allow our child to go to this hearing without a lawyer. He never once said that our child was going to be ambushed by this NEWS when he walked into the court room!

Indeed Our son went to court with the conviction that the truth would come out, that justice would prevail. What a joke!

Terms Of Probation

My husband took our son down today to find out about the terms of his probation. The probation officer is, Judge Cooks secretary, Julianne Legg. ( I am so thrilled by this tid bit of information! )

The amount of time our son stays on probation depends on how long it takes him to complete his community service hours. ( 75 hours ) At least 6 months though. Though the judge left it up to Ms. Legg to determine the length of our son's probation. ( I guess Ms. Legg is Judge Whopner Jr. and actually has the authority to sentence people! )

My husband asked Ms. Legg, Why when Judge Cook found out our lawyer wasn't there, he didn't appoint our son an attorney. Ms Legg responded "because you had ample time to retain a lawyer".

Oh silly us! I guess we should have had the forsight to know that Alan Adam's was going to chicken out at the last second. By the way Alan, did you ever finally get a hold of Mr. Bridges? And you being so sick and all. I think I may be sick!

A message to Upson County >>>>>

First of all let me start by saying that I really hope you enjoy the latest addition to My web page which will not only be on the web FOREVER, but updated regularly. (please check back often)

Secondly, I want you to know this is far from over. Your blatant disreguard for the truth, and endless persecution of MY CHILD has known no limits.

I really hope you all sleep well tonight knowing what you did was not only immoral, but unethical, and WRONG. My son, though jaded by this farce you called a hearing will at least go to bed with a clear conscience knowing that he DID NOT DO WHAT HE WAS ACCUSED OF! Indeed the ONLY thing he did wrong, was to place his trust in the system. But you never cared about that any more than you cared what the TRUTH was, did you?!

You have done everything in your power to see that justice was not served, and in so doing have made me more determined than ever to expose the lot of you to the American people.

At the very best, you people should be deeply ashamed of yourselves. At the very least you should either be booted or voted out of your positions of power.

I have been busy forwarding this site to EVERY government official with an e-mail address, and they are MANY. I believe at some point Someone with the power to stop this kind of BLATANT abuse of power, someone who TRUELY believes in justice, will see this site.

Eventually everyone of you who played a role in this gross travesty of justice will have to own up to what your part in this REALLY was. If not in this life, then in the hereafter. God help you.

In the meantime, I will see this site registered in over 800 search engines, just wait about 2 weeks then type in Georgia, Education, Upson, any one of 874 words to be exact, and this page will pop up.

The First Amendment, Freedom of speech....You gotta love this country.

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