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The following is a verbatim letter that we received from the Clerk of the Court in Marion County Florida, regarding our son's " probation status " there.

Due to the FACT that the city of Thomaston, located in Upson County Georgia, 'didn't have the time' or maybe they just didn't feel that it is was necessary, to DO THEIR JOBS, I took the liberty of requesting this information from Florida myself. Though I do believe it would have been PROVEN much more quickly, had they only 'MADE THE TIME' to make a simple phone call....

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Timmis,

In response to your letter on the above named child. After researching our records, I find that we have no record of your son ever being on probation in Marion County, Ocala, Florida.

If we can be of any further assistance to you, please feel free to contact our office at 352-620-3852.

Very truly yours,


Clerk of Circuit Court

Well Sargent Blasingame and Ms. Legg, THAT WAS REALLY DIFFICULT, WASN'T IT????!!

Perhaps you'd like me to come downtown and dial the number for you? I assure you, I will MAKE the TIME!