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Thursday August 26,1999 Approximately 2:25 p.m.

Someone was blowing the horn.Looking out from the third story window, we saw a white car and a person we didn't recognize. In the short time it took us to go down the stairs, the car was gone.

Our friend and roommate met us half way up the stairs and told us the car we had seen was the Thomaston Police, that our 13 year old son was in the car also, and that he was crying hysterically . With my heart in my throat I asked Tami why he was in the car. She explained that she had asked the officer,but was told we would be informed upon arrival at the police station.

My husband and I arrrived at the police department approximately ten minutes later. Upon entry to Sargent Blasingame's office I inquired as to why my son was there. The sargent ignored me, instead calling out to another officer to bring in chairs. I informed the sargent that I didn't need a chair and asked her again why my son was there. Again she ignored me. I am pretty agitated now and I demanded that she tell me why my son was in her custody and why no one had called to inform us of this. Sargent Blasingame then rudely informed me that I was to take a seat.

Again I informed the sargent that I was fine standing, asked her yet AGAIN why my son was there, and was told that I didn't want to upset her. She then told me that if I didn't sit she would throw me out of her office.

Fuming now, I went to sit and was then instructed by sargent Blasingame to move my chair away from my husband and son.

About 15 minutes had passed since we walked into her office.

Now I Am sitting precisely where she instructed and I asked her still AGAIN why my son was there. She again told me how I did not want to upset HER.

She then picked up her phone, dialed a number and asked whoever was on the other end for a case number.The charge was two counts of sexual battery, supposedly perpetrated by my son.

So 20 minutes after asking sargent Blasingame why my son was in her office, We found out while she spoke to someone else on the phone.

I will never forget the look of sheer satisfaction on her face as long as I live. The sargent then looking directly at my husband, stated that Our son touched the breast, buttocks, and vagina of a young lady who is in most of his classes, and she had a witness, and that these two children had no reason to lie.

My husband then asked the sargent what happens next. Looking directly at me she informed us that she had seen some kids get probation and others receive 90 days depending on the attitude of the child and his parents. Again I was told upsetting her wasn't a good thing.

Sargent Blasingame then told us that because someone had told her ( That SOMEONE being our son's accuser ) that our son was on probation in Florida, he would be taken to the juvenile detention center.

My husband and I both protested vehemently, as our son had never been in any kind of trouble legally and was certainly NOT on probation!

She then told us that regardless, because we had only been in Thomaston for two months, and because she did not know our son, and that if the school HAD NOT suspended him, he would be taken into custody.

The Sargent then read our son his rights,instructing him to sign that he understood, and instructing me to sign as well, that I understood his rights.

Now she was ready she said, to take my son's statement. I informed her that he would not be making a statement without a lawyer present. She scowled at me...Oops I think I upset her.

She then called Upson County Middle School and was told that Our son had NOT, nor would he be suspended due to these allegations.

Sargent Blasingame then told us that because our son had committed a crime and could have no contact with his accuser, that she would be taking our child to the Juvenile detention facility.

I asked her if we agreed to keep our son out of school until this matter could be resolved, we would be able to take our son home.

She picked up the phone, dialed, and relayed what I had said to Julianne Legg, the judges secretary. She then told me that I was to tell Ms.Legg myself. After a brief conversation with Ms.Leg informing me that our son was not allowed in, at, or near the school, she agreed that we could take our son home.

After I hung up the phone, Sargent Blasingame looked me straight in the eyes an said,"See, now you know why you don't want to upset me".

We took our son and went home.

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