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The Following is an EXACT Copy Of The Certified Letter Sent Us By Alan Adams.

September 13,1999

We contacted the Georgia Bar regarding Alan's failure to appear in court on Sep 8.

Sept 14,1999

We Received a phone call from Alan Adams inquiring on the outcome of our son's hearing. "What happened at (your son's) hearing?" I responded,"what the hell do you think happened Alan???!!!"

After a much heated discussion, where Alan continued to make excusses and I screamed at him, I finally got tired of it and hung up on him.

Sept. 15,1999

We received the following certified letter from Alan Adams:

Dear Chrys & Harold,

I was unable to complete my telephone conference with Chrys on Tue Sept.14,1999, because our telephone conversation was disconnected. I tried to call several times after the disconnection, but never reached anyone.

I would like the opportunity to meet with both of you to discuss some options regarding Troy's matter. I believe that it may be possible to set aside his plea, given what apparently transpired in court on that day.

As I explained to you, my absence on that day was due to illness. Apparently, noone explained my situation to you. In fact, the court officer, Julianne Legg, admitted to me that she never explained my absence to you.

Apparently, she advised the court that I was not appearing mearly because of the fact that I was never retained nor appointed to represent you. Although that is true, that was not the reason I did not appear.

As I said, I would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss this matter. I am dismayed at at the manner in which the court proceeded in this case, and I would like to advise you on your avenues to correct any errors in the courts procedures.

When we discuss this matter it will still be necassary for you to either retain my services, or obtain my services through the indigent defense program. I have previously advised you on the latter but will gladly do so again.

Thanking you, and with best personal regards, Alan Adams

To Be quite truthful, I don't exactly understand all of this sudden interest from someone ( Reported to us by Judge Cook ) who isn't even 'representing us'.