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My appointment with Alan Adams

Today is October 5th, I met with Alan Adams for the first time since Sgt. Blasingingame called the emergency hearing in an attempt to remove our son from our custody. The meeting was much anticapated and long overdue.

Although I went into the meeting with no expectations and a multitude of questions, I remained open-minded about any possibilities. My wife and I had discussed this meeting at great length since receiving Alan's letter on Sept. 15th. She decided that due to her misgivings, she would not attend. So I set out to see if we could at least find the answers to a few of our questions regarding Alan's absence at the 'trial' on Sept. 8th.

We started our discussion with the obvious, which was why had he not shown up!??! He assured me that, as he stated in his letter to us, that he was very ill that day and had contacted the courts officer, namely Julianne Legg, and requested a continuance on all of his cases. Julianne then informed him that though she would continue his other two cases, she was going to call our son's case.

Alan then told Ms. Legg, that she could NOT call that case unless they appointed an attorney for our son. He also informed her that if another attorney was not appointed, that she could phone him at home, and sick or not he would come to court and request the continuance himself.

I then had to explain to Alan that not only did Julianne Legg NOT tell us that he was ill, but would not offer an attorney! Nor would Judge Cook. In fact, I said to Alan, Judge Cook stated that you said, you were not representing us! Alan assured me that WAS NOT WHAT HE SAID!!! He had in fact told Julianne Legg that although he could not confirm nor deny wether or not my wife and I had signed the indigent care papers, that as far as he knew, he WOULD BE HANDLING THIS CASE.

I then asked Alan how over 300 CHILDREN ( Julianne Legg told me that her case load was over 300) could be on probation in Upson county? Don't you think that's a bit ridiculous I asked him. He agreed that it was and added that the vast majority of these children attended UPSON LEE MIDDLE SCHOOL! He said that the middle school NEVER contacts the parents, requests a meeting, or even remotely try to handle problems with the students internally. He said instead, the MIDDLE SCHOOL always calls the police in! In fact Alan told me, that the situation became so much, that the Thomaston PD actually backed away from responding to calls pertaining to school related issues and the sheriffs Department had to take over these calls for a time.

Alan told me that being as they denied our son counsel, ( GA law states that before you can enter into a plea agreement, the COURT MUST INFORM YOU OF YOUR RIGHT TO COUNSEL! ) { Go figure } that he could guarentee that he could get our son's plea thrown out. He also said that if Judge Cook refused to recuse himself from this case, that we would take it before the appelate court and get him recused that way. But we have to give Judge Cook the opportunity to do so voluntarily.

Alan also stated that he is now aware of the number of people in the community that have seen this website and their various opinions about it. He had not realized, until two officers from the Thomaston Police Dept. told him about it and informed him he too was mentioned in our site, how widely distributed locally the site had been. He didn't really state much of an opinion to me about the site, just the fact that many people had seen it and were discussing it openly. He also informed me that he had seen the letter sent to us by the Thomaston Pd's lawfirm in response to our request for public documents.(WHICH HAVE YET TO BE MADE AVAILABLE TO US)In fact, Alan saw this letter BEFORE we did. It appears that they wanted Alan's opinion on this matter. He stated that he didn't have one.

So round one has ended and round two has just begun. We still have limited expectations as to the chances of a FAIR trial for our son in Upson Co.. Although juveniles in Georgia have few if any rights, our son's FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS were violated the moment Judge Cook refused to appoint him an attorney!!!!

We are SURE this constitues judicial misconduct AND abuse of judicial authority and we plan to file a formal complaint against Judge Cook for his blatant denial of our son's Civil Rights!!!

We went down today and filled out the indigent care forms, in hopes to prevent any misunderstandings. Alan Adams is OFFICIALLY our attorney and promises to fight with all his ability for our son. And at present we DO believe him! Seeing how Julianne Legg has been caught in numerous untruths we will also seek to file a complaint with the Department of Corrections as to her conduct in this case.

Upson County seems SO interested in what we are doing Next....We are putting it on the web page. And knowing that they frequent this site to be sure if they are here or not here, ( as the case may be ) we are confident they will see EXACTLY what is in store for them. ( ASIDE FROM PUBLIC OUT RAGE, THAT IS! ) For we don't have to hide in the shadows like so many of them. If they miss us here they can always see it on Channel 13 News!!!